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Everything changes, yet it all remains the same
And for that, my love, we are to blame

You looked at me with your eyes of glass
As eons passed
as eons passed

I raise my hand and you raise yours
Touch the golden mirror and then part way
to find another Day
another Place to pray

For nothing really changed,
nor did it remain the same
And for that, my love, we are to blame



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Dreams of air lay broken
My final words unspoken
Life came here
To be replaced by death

No rhyme or reason
I leave another prison
Just like her soul

Part with me
And leave me be
Or again be mine
This time for eons to come

Eternity in hell
Is worth an hour of your time
The demons ring my final bell
As I am next in line

Death comes all but slowly
And I think of our last kiss
I’d sarcifice all I find holy
For another moment of this bliss

But I know it all to well
As I have dreamt of this before
I’d end up locked in cell
To see you nevermore

Your world

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Turn the lights out
What you see is outdated
Life’s come to a halt
And your stars have all faded

You fought what they fought
But understood not their cause
And when they forgot
You left without a single remorse

Your decisions
Are all but your own
And only in your visions
Are you never alone

Take a journey with me
You won’t need a map
I’ll show you what you need to see
And trust me, it’s not a trap

Turn the lights on
Your world has now changed
Did it really took you that long
To have it all rearranged?


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I’m looking for someone
Who looks just like me
Again I find no one
Amongst my soul’s debri

I get lost in the smaug
The end is nowhere in sight
I can’t see through the fog
Even if I try with all my might

I’m looking for someone
Who looks just like me
I saw a guesome shadow
Drowning in misery

It began to tell me
The story of this place
And like a distant memory
I got lost in a perdition haze

I woke up on the ground
Only a single bell was ringing
There’s wasn’t any other sound
Even the birds were scared of singing

The shadow reapeared
And began it’s tale anew
And what I most feared
Turned out to be true

I’m looking for someone
Who looks just like me
And that lonesome shadow
Oh, God, he is me

My little black dahlia

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Oh, those dark and charming days
When I used to dwell on the things you’d say
My little black dahlia
Won’t you just fade away?

You said you’ll never love
Was it me or just yourself?
I screamed “Fuck you, you whore!”
When you came back just to seek my help

You toyed with me to save yourself
And forgot your love with the next day
My little black dahlia
Won’t you just burn away?

I understand I am a bit rude
And that it was but years ago
But I have found my inner peace
This I just wanted you to know

I couldn’t care less if you’re alive
Or if you soon rot away
My little black dahlia
How I wish just once you’d stay

*Inspired by the song “My black dahlia”, current and past events.*

Everything I try to do

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Everything I try to do
You somehow fail to see
And without further ado
Take this life away from me

Rip my soul in two
Strip my immortality
I’m a no one, just a “Who?”
Lost deep within your vanity

And so I throw myself against your stones
Tasting an inglorious defeat
I can feel the cracking of my bones
As I am surrounded by the heat

Everything I try to do
You somehow fail to see
So without further ado
Take this life away from me

For you I am a no one
Just another “Who?”
Lost deep within your vanity

For your entertainment – I slit my throat

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The hell is cyber-bullying?!
According to Wikipedia, *Cyberbullying* is the use of Information Technology
 to harm or harass other people in a deliberate, repeated, and hostile manner.
According to U.S. Legal Definitions, “Cyber-bullying could be limited to posting rumors or gossips about a person in the internet bringing about hatred in other’s minds; or it may go to the extent of personally identifying victims and publishing materials severely defaming and humiliating them.”
Okay, what.
I’ve heard of cybersex, yeah, it’s fun, but cyberbullying?
In my honest and humble opinion, cyberbullying is a joke. If you get offended by EVERYTHING someone says/writes about you, then, well, you deserve it.
You know what The Intrenet is? A magical place where people tell you to die of cancer and dog-bites, everyone wants to either fuck your mother or hopes she gets hit by a train/car/flying fuck.
People on the internet use cancer, death, rape & whatnot as a joke. Yeah, it’s rude and not meant to be fucking nice.
If you flashed on camera/sucked a guy and he took pictures which later on got posted online…well, it’s your own damn fault and classifying that shit as “cyberbullying” is even more stupid.